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combo waterproofing

Best Combo Roof Waterproofing System in the UAE

Combo Roof System is a comprehensive system that combines waterproofing and thermal insulation of the entire roof area. When it comes to safeguarding your property from the severe forces of nature, Al Rayan Combo Waterproofing Service in UAE helps you with the ultimate fortress against potential water damage.

Combo roofing is the quickest way to make your roof both insulated and waterproof. At Al Rayan Waterproofing, we use efficient technologies that save up to 40% of the time compared to regular roofing systems. Our combo roofing system meets all UAE standards and is DCL certified.

Benefits of Our Combo Roofing System

  • Durable: Our combo roofing system ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Perfect Finish: It provides a flawless and appealing finish.
  • Water Resistance: Resistant to water, preventing damage from leaks.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: Withstands sudden temperature changes.
  • Thermal Insulation: Keeps your property comfortable and reduces energy costs.
  • No Need for Roof Tiles: Eliminates the requirement for traditional roof tiles.
  • Time-Efficient: Saves time compared to standard roofing systems.

The Combo Roof System is a game-changer for builders and property owners alike. This advanced system combines various roofing technologies and materials into a single, all-inclusive package. It seamlessly integrates waterproofing, insulation, and solar roofing solutions to offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Key Elements of the Combo Roof System


Utilizes robust waterproofing technology for complete protection against harsh weather conditions.


Integrates high-performance insulation materials, ensuring year-round comfort and significant reduction in heating and cooling costs.


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Experience unmatched protection with our latest Combo Roof Waterproofing Service in UAE. Elevate your roofing solution with the perfect blend of durability and innovation.

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Method of Application for Roof Waterproofing System

The Combo Roofing system consists of multiple layers. Each layer has a distinguished purpose of its own and is thus mandatory for the 100% efficiency of the system. The following step - by - step segregated representation of the system with reference to the function of each layer.

Surface Preparation

The surface of strata to be waterproofed must be free from all kinds of oils & Chemicals. After making sure that the horizontal surfaces, edges& Corners are clean the skirting area is protected by using polythene sheet so as to keep it from being pitted by the jet of the sprayer.

Polyurethane Foam

The polyurethane foam is prepared by the mixing of polyol with isocyanate in the foam machine. This mixture is then sprayed onto the surface layer after layer until the desired thickness is obtained. A minimum setting period is maintained between the layers to get maximum bonding.

Protection Layers

The insulating properties of the foam can be compromised by moisture vapor. The coating needs to be able to protect the foam from a build-up of this vapor, so that it won’t reach the dew point. Another major hindrance to the PU Foam is the U.V Rays from the sunlight.

Rubberized Coating

The rubberized coating assists the foam at the time of expansion and contraction with respect to atmospheric temperature change and keeps it from damages due to elongation.

Separation layer

The separation layer acts as a semi barrier between the coating and screed, as direct contact to a rigid layer may reduce the elastomeric properties of the coating and lead to cracking.

Protection Screed

This rigid protective course protects the underlying layers from direct exposure, atmospheric & climatic factors and other adverse conditions. It also helps in attaining the right amount of slopping for the roof. The joint between the compartments are packed using Back-Up Rods and sealed.

Weather Coating

This is the final most layer and consists of liquid coating of materials which safeguard the underlying layers from the harmful U.V rays and heat. This layer is responsible for avoiding the cracking of the screed.