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What are GRP linings?

Also known as glass-reinforced plastic, GRP combines the strength of glass with the durability and flexibility of plastic. GRP lining incorporates layers of reinforced plastic, ensuring durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. The structural integrity of GRP makes it an ideal candidate for a myriad of industrial applications. As a leading Waterproofing Contractors in Dubai, we provide best maintenance services for your roof.

A GRP lining is made by first creating a matt of chopped glass strands and then coating it with a polymer. The result is a sheet of GRP lining measuring 2-3mm in thickness (including reinforced matting) which is flexible, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. We the top Swimming Pools Waterproofing Contractor in UAEprovide GRP lining waterproofing services & coating in water tanks in Ajman, Dubai.

Benefits of Fibreglass Linings

Fibreglass linings, or GRP linings, offer numerous advantages, making them a popular choice for lining materials:


GRP linings are lightweight, simplifying both transport and installation. Their minimal weight addition ensures they do not excessively burden a structure.

Minimal Maintenance

Requiring very little maintenance, fibreglass linings typically only need an occasional clean to remain in good condition.

Easy to Repair

Although damage is rare, repairs to GRP linings are usually straightforward and quick when needed.

Corrosion Resistant

Constructed from durable materials, fibreglass linings display resistance to corrosion and can withstand UV degradation.

Chemical Resistant

GRP linings exhibit resistance to many chemicals. Manufacturers can collaborate with clients to ensure the chosen product meets specific performance requirements.

Impact Resistant

Offering a high level of impact resistance, GRP linings allow manufacturers to tailor the strength and flexibility by adjusting the glass-to-plastic ratio.

Long Lifespan

Installed with a 25-year warranty, fibreglass linings are expected to last well beyond this period, contributing to their long lifespan.

Design Versatility

GRP linings provide versatile design options with customizable colors, glossy or matt finishes, and optional non-slip textures, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.


What is the thickness of the GRP lining for water tank?

The added thickness ensures a robust barrier, making GRP tank linings a reliable choice for safeguarding storage tanks in various industrial applications.

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Purpose of Fibreglass Linings

Fibreglass linings, known as GRP linings, serve the purpose of providing effective waterproofing in various construction projects, whether they are new-build or refurbishment endeavors. This versatile material is well-suited for covering a range of surfaces, including metals, concrete, brick, wood, and existing fibreglass. Cold-applied GRP sealants complement the waterproof nature of the material, filling seams and gaps to create a seamless, liquid-resistant surface. Fibreglass linings find application in:

  • Flat roof weatherproofing
  • Waterproofing walls, floors, and basements
  • Industrial tanking and water tanks
  • Chemical and fuel bunds
  • Covering pipelines
  • Drainage channels and gullies